The Development and Growth of Czyzewo

By Dow Gorzalczany

Translated from Yiddish to Hebrew by Yosef Avni

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

Coordinator's Note: This Hebrew article is equivalent to the Yiddish article that begins on page 76. Because it is the same article, we are not reproducing it again here; but, rather, what follows below are a few of the minor additions found in the Hebrew translation.
In the section on the Economic Structure, the following two sentences are added:

However, for the sake of precision, we should not ignore the existence of the tzitzit (Jewish prayer fringes) factory that marketed its wares to literally half of the Jewish world. Approximately 30 families made their living from this endeavor.

The last Yiddish paragraph is further embellished in the Hebrew, as follows:

Czyzewo Natives in Israel

        From among the natives of Czyzewo who arrived at different times, there are also those lone survivors, who put their souls in their palms and fled for their lives from the terrible inferno. They set a goal for themselves of perpetuating the memory of the residents of Czyzewo.

        With the assistance of the natives of Czyzewo in New York, Mexico, Argentina and other places, we publish this Yizkor book in order that it might serve as an eternal testimony and monument of witness to the memory of the town of Czyzewo, which once was and is no more.

Communal Life

czy077.jpg [13 KB]

The Beis Midrash. A photo from 1959.
The building now serves as a grain storehouse.