Let Us Remember!

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

Let us remember with grief and indignation the souls of our holy and pure brothers and sisters who fell at the hands of the impure murderers, who were bereft of the Divine image.

Let us remember the loss of the treasuries of Torah and wisdom, the nobles of the Children of Israel, the choicest of the old and new culture, the glory of humanity, from the elderly to the children, possessing of all proper traits: charity, doing of good deeds, love of the fellowman, and dedication.

Let us remember all of the splendorous abilities, the G-dly lights that lit up the masses, the dreams, hopes, and desires of the souls, the lofty aspirations, the love of Jews and the love of the Land of Israel, the faith and might, the hatred and disdain for the human beasts.

Let us remember the synagogues and Beis Midrashes, the institutions of charity and good works, the houses of study, the libraries, and the houses that were dedicated to the service of the people and the Land.

Let us also remember the cemeteries, the graves of our fathers, an all of the fruits of their faithful labor.

Let us remember them all, who were killed, annihilated and destroyed at the hands of the wild evildoers who were impure of soul. Let us remember – we will not forget!