Reb Meir Richter

By Yisrael Weintraub of Tel Aviv

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Reb Meir Richter

With the publication of the book in memory of the martyrs of Czyzewo, may G-d avenge their blood, I will also present some lines about one of the most prominent men of our town, Reb Meir Richter of blessed memory. Who does not remember this man in whom Torah and greatness were merged in one place. He was a Hassid of the Rebbe of Aleksandrow, the author of “Yismach Yisrael”, of holy blessed memory. There he also found as a groom for his granddaughter Chaya Bracha the daughter of his son Avraham, the genius Reb Aharon Weintraub, the son of the rabbi and Tzadik of Radomsk Reb Yaakov David of holy blessed memory. He spent a great deal of money over this, and received him as a grandson-in-law. The Holocaust survivors of Czyzewo relate – and there are still some that remember Meir Richter – that this was his greatest hope in live, to find grooms for his daughters and granddaughters who were great in Torah and fear of Heaven. Reb Leizer Czyzewer was also an in-law. His son Avraham merited to make aliya to the Land six weeks prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, and died in Jerusalem on Shmini Atzeret of the year 5602 (1941).

If someone were to ask if the personalities of our city were known outside our community, it is worthwhile to point out what Yehoshua Mordechai Rozenblum wrote in his book “My City Czechowice” that was published in Tel Aviv in the year 5701 (1941, page 24. In it you will find these lines:
“In the community of Czyzewo, there were three merchants, three personalities, three outstanding personalities, and these are: The family of Richter (Judge) that was founded by Reb Meir Richter, the family of Prawda (Truth) that was founded by Reb Moshe Prawda, and the family of Frajdman (Man of Peace) that was founded by Reb Pineh Frajdman.

People said that in this community, the adage of our fathers is fulfilled: “On judgement, on truth, and on peace.