Reb Szmuel Zeev and Lea Kandel

By Yosefa Kandel (Akun), Yafa Kandel (Grinwald), Yaakov Kandel and Avraham Kandel

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

He was born in Czyzewo in 1887 to his parents Jakob and Sara Rachel. He married Lea (nee Baron) from the nearby town of Zaromb in 1908. She was an intelligent and refined woman, a woman of valor and a dedicated mother who always supported her husband. Thus was our dear mother.
Our father of blessed memory observed tradition and was careful about the commandments. He also worked all of his life to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. He always found time for communal service, in particular with the Mizrachi movement in the town, in which he found content and a purpose for life.

Among other things, his activities to found the Modern Cheder, which would operate in the spirit of the times, must be pointed out. On account of this, he was forced to abandon his regular and beloved place of prayer in the shtibel of the Mszcznow Hassidim. He moved over to worship with the masses in the Great Synagogue, and later to the Szlamburger Shtibel that he established along with Reb Yosel Baruch Lepek.

The flame of Zionism in the prayer “And may our eyes behold your return to Zion” comforted him throughout all of tribulations of life. Four of his six children are found in Israel.

Father, Mother and our two brothers Icchok Noach and Chaim Zvulun were brutally murdered by the murderers of our nation in the year 1941. May G-d avenge their blood.

czy785.jpg [23 KB] - Szmuel Zeev Kandel, his wife Lea, and four of their children  (two of whom are in Israel)

Szmuel Zeev Kandel, his wife Lea,
and four of their children
(two of whom are in