Zareby Koscliene


Dear Zaromber in America,

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your assistance and your work on behalf of our landsleit who survived in Europe.

We thank you particularly for putting out the Yizkhor Book: in memory of the martyrs of Zaromb who were murdered by the Fascist Germans and the Polish murderers.

May this Yiskhor Book, be part of the holy remembrance for generations to come in the home of every Zaromber.

We congratulate the members of the United Zaromber Relief for their 10 years of important and holy work. We, here in Cuba, will always be united with you, ready to join you in your assistance efforts on behalf of our survivors.

A special thanks to our friend and landsman, Khayim Silverman, for utilizing his visit to Havana to organize us Zaromber into a group who could help you in the important relief work which means so much to us as well as you.

In the name of Zaromber in Havana, Cuba,

Shmuel Yarmus, President
Abraham Reichman, Secretary
Pinchas Bzshaze, Treasurer