Zareby Koscliene

by Israel Steinberg

Among the most beautiful people in Zaromb was the community leader and Zionist activist, Shmuel Leib Roskolenker, who was active in all areas of Jewish life until his tragic death.

His father, Reb Shimshon, was a Jew with a warm heart, a scholar, Chasid, knowledge- able in secular issues, a pillar of the Talmud, an honest man, who was respected even by his political opponents.

His mother, Reba, a warm hearted woman, devoted boy and soul to her family, a typical "Yiddishe Mame", shone with her energy and wisdom.

From his childhood Shmuel Leib absorbed Jewish tradition. I met him in 1919, and even then the young idealist awakened respect, while his participation in conferences made him famous in Lamzok, Ostrowe and adjacent regions.

I'll mention just few examples of his work., those I consider most outstanding.

1.- Education of young people. In this he was not partisan. He started the "Hashomer- Hatzair" and later the "Freiheit" in Zammb. He devoted much energy and time to the education of the young. All the youth groups that trained towards Eretz Israel and pioneering were close to his heart. Many of us remember the "Lag Borimer" walks for the young that he organized. These walks would turn into demonstrations for Eretz Israel. The Jews of Zaromb felt pride.

2.- Cultural activities for adults. He organized and conducted evening classes and a people's university, discussions and lectures. He would invite speakers on social - Zionist subjects.

3.- He was active in the committee for proletarian Eretz-lsrael. Was one of those that organized and led the pro Eretz-lsrael Committee. That was an important accomplishment

4.- Cultural organizations. He was one of the devoted participants in the Yiddish library to which he devoted a great deal of time and energy. Every new book gave him joy and each successful event was a celebration. He was active in every social organization and relief association.

He and his family were murdered by the Nazis. May these lines be a tombstone for the this honest man of the people, the devoted social activist and Zionist, Shmuel Leib Roskolenker -- honor to his name.