Zareby Koscliene

Greetings To All The Zarombers
Yoseph Shloimeh Rosen

My Dear Zaromber and Friends,

We are deeply honored to have been chosen to be the honorees at this given time in the recognition of the 25 years of work for the Zarornber RelieL We as Zarombers are proud to be associated with other Jewish organizations that are working to help build the State of Israel.

We witnessed the Holocaust, the greatest catastrophe in our history, that destroyed 6 niillion Jews, but we were fortunate to also experience the fruition of a 2000 year old drearn -- we witnessed the birth of the State of Israel, the land of our fathers.

Truthfully we have not gotten any younger during these past 25 years, however we have felt younger in heart and spirit. Part of being young is to pursue and strive towards an ideal. Having such an ideal gives a person wings, wings that make him soar high and above and therefore make him feel young. An individual who possesses an ideal has a great interest in life. A person cannot live for himself only, he has a responsibility to share with and help others who are less fortunate.

We within the Zaromber Relief have been inspired by one another and have found the energy and determination throughout these past 25 years to continue to work towards our goal.

Our organization is composed of people who are deeply rooted with one another since early childhood, people who made the arduous journey and difficult adjustments with a new culture and environment in totally new surroundings in a new country. We never forgot who we were, from where we came and we never forgot our responsibility to our people.

What our brethren had experienced with intense tears, today we are able to express with joy and heartfelt song. At this time we recall the heroes of the State of Israel, amongst whom were our own heroic children of Zaromber Undsleit. Since its inception this small country has been surrounded by arch enemies. Israel had undertaken the severe economic hardship that accompanied its policy of absorbing Jewish immigrants the world over. Israel has been striving to overcome these hardships and achieve some measure for economic independence. The difficult feats that Israel achieved in combat with her enemies were thanks to our Israeli brothers and sisters who were inspired with two ideals -- one based on religious belief and another to fulfill a dream to have a homeland, a Jewish Homeland.

We the Zarombers, along with Jews the world over, can take pride in Israel's achievements - We are a part of the strength and courage of Israel. We are partners in the mechanics of peace and partners in helping to create a better life for our people in Israel and in the world at large.
It is with extreme pride that I honor and extend many thanks to the following individuals for their unfailing faith and determination to make this event a success.

To Zelig Roman, President of the Zaromber Relief organization, many thanks for your guidance and for making this financial and social success. Many thanks to Nathan Lava and Menachem Rotberg for their able assistance. Last, but not forgotten, is Chaim Silverman. I extend thanks for his role as Chairman of the Journal Committee and to his wife, Sarah, who gave Chaim the assistance and cooperation he needed.

Each one of us has deep etched memories that remain with us throughout a given lifetime. The memories of this special honor you have bestowed upon us, myself and my wife, will always be warmly remembered.

My most special and heartfelt thanks got to my wife and my friend, Tzirl, for her own involvement and work with the Zaromber Relieve and particularly for her understanding and the support I needed to enable me to involve myself in all of these civic activities.

I want to thank each and everyone present who helped make this Jubilee Celebration a total success.