Zareby Koscliene

By Shlomo Rosen


I had the good fortune to visit France twice this year and am happy to have the opportunity to transmit personal regards from our Landsleit in Paris.

The Zaromber in France are proud of the enthusiastic response by the Landsleit in America to the requests for help. Each Parisian Zaromber had good things to say about our work to help Zaromber, wherever they might be.

Through my discussions with the Zaromber in Paris, I learned that the packages which we sent were what enabled them to keep going right after the liberation from the German enslavement and mortal pain.  When those who did survive returned to their homes after going through such terrible hell, they found the dwellings totally empty, only the bare walls.  Our material aid was not only physical for them at that time, but gave them strength of spirit.

Right after France was liberated, it was difficult to get food, at any price.  The Zaromber Landsleit in America were on guard, ready to help and sent parcels of food which our brothers and sisters in France needed so desperately.

Now, many of our Zaromber in France are standing on their own two feet and they are helping other Zaromber who are in need.  May all Zaromber who do this honorable relief work with such unselfish devotion be blessed.