1824 Birth Of Mos'ko Tachna

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3. Kiempiste (Kepiste) Poswiatne

The year eighteen hundred and twenty four, January the fourth at four o'clock in the afternoon. Before Us, the undersigned Holder of the Civil Records of the municipality of Zaremby in the district of Ostroleka, voivodship Plock, appeared the Jew Joska [Yosef son of Boruch Dov Ha-Levy] Tachno (Tachna), twenty seven years old, scribe, residing in Zaremby in Zakosciele, and showed us a child of male gender that was born yesterday at eight o'clock in the morning in his house, number eight, testifying that it was begotten by him and his wife, Sora z Mosków*, twenty six years old, and that it is his wish to give it the name Mosko [Moshe son of Yosef Ha-Levy].  After having made this testimony and having presented Us the child in the presence of the witnesses, Zysek Nienaltow, cap-maker, thirty six years old, and Peysak Dawidowicz, fifty years old, synagogue sexton, both of whom residing in the same village, this birth certificate was read to those who appeared and signed only by Us, as those who mentioned in the document cannot write.

Adam G...ziec Registrar

* of the Mosiek family or daughter of Mosiek


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