1827 Marriage Of Abram Tachna & Devorah Gejer

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It happened in the town of Andrzejewo on the twelfth of October, eighteen hundred twenty seven at eleven o’clock before noon.  Replacing the Rabbi of the Czyzew synagogue, the Jew Synay Rappo, residing in the town of Andrzejewo, appeared together with the Jew Abram Leybowicz Tachna, age thirty eight, scribe of G-d’s Commandments [Torah Scribe], born and residing in the village of Zareby Koscielne, son of Lewko [Aryey] Berkowicz and Sosia the married couple Tachna, residing in the village of Zareby Koscielne, earning their living from the writing of G-d’s Commandments – and Dwora [Devorah] Herszkowna, age twenty, unmarried, daughter of Herszko and Pesa married couple Gajer, born in the village of Zareby Koscielne, and living there with her parents, who earn their living from tailoring, and in presence of the witnesses Calka Lapka, age sixty eight, butcher, and Szmul Kenighule, a stall-keeper, age sixty seven, both residing in the town of Andrzejewo, as well as in the presence of Leyba Berkowicz Tachna, father of Abram, and Herszko Gejer, father of Dwora, and testified, that today the religious wedding of Abram Leybowicz Tachna and Dwora Herszkowna Gajer was performed before him, and that it preceded three banns on the twenty third and thirtieth of September, and the seventh of October of the current year in the district parish of Andrzejewo, and that permission was given to this wedding personally by Leyba Berkowicz Tachna and Herszko Gajer, the fathers of the newly married, and that no obstruction against the marriage has occurred.  The newly married testified that they do not have any pre-marital contract on their possessions.  This document was read to those who appeared, and signed by Synay Rappo, substitute of the Rabbi, Abram Tachna and Leyba Tachna, whereas the others here present cannot write.


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