1833 Birth Of Sosia Liba Tachna

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It happened in the village of Zaremby on the tenth of March, eighteen hundred thirty three at eight o’clock in the morning.  The Jew Herszko Wolf [Tzvi Ze’ev Ha-Levy] Lewkowicz Tachna, scribe of G-d’s Commandments [Torah Scribe], age thirty three, residing in the village of Zaremby, appeared in the prescence of the witnesses Peysak Waygord, age sixty five, and Leybka Kamien, age fifty five, both of whom are synagogue sextons and residing in the village of Zaremby, and showed us a child of the female gender, born in the village of Zaremby on the fifteenth of March of last year at ten o’clock at night, to his wife Chaia [Chaya] Maierowna, age thirty four, to whom was given the names Siosia Liba.  This document was read to those who appeared and signed by the father, whereas the witnesses testified, that they cannot write.  This document was registered late because the father had left for another country, and he only appeared on the day of today.

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