1844 Marriage Of Bejla Tachna & Ruchim Stawiski

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It happened in the town of Mlawa on three/fifteenth of December, 1844 at three o’clock in the afternoon.  It is known that in the presence of witnesses Jewish Lewin Szmulowich Landau, teacher residing in the town of Mlawa age fifty three years old, and Yankel Geronowski, a book binder residing in Mlawa age fifty five years old.  Today a religious marriage was contracted between Jews Ruchim Stawiski, young man from the village Przesnieniec, son of Hony and Shejny Stawinsky married couple resididing here, age twenty three years old, and Jewish single young lady Bajla the daughter of Jakub [Yakov] who is deceased, and Dwojry [Devoroh] married couple Tachna residing in Mlawa, she is eighteen years old born in Mlawa living with her mother.  The marriage was preceeded by three bans, the first on two/fourteen of November of the current year in the Parish Synagogue in the town of Mlawa.  The first was on fourth/sixteenth November, second eleventh/twenty third of November of the current year, the third on eighteenth/thirtieth of November of the current year in the Parish Synagogue during services in the town of Szerensk.  Permission by mother to the newlyweds was given.  The newlyweds declared that they did not make any premarital agreements between themselves.  The document was read and signed by the witnesses.

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