1847 Birth Of Szejna Tachna

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It happened in the town of Nur on the ninth/twenty first of November eighteen hundred forty seven at one o’clock in the afternoon the Jew Boruch Tachna, age twenty two, shoemaker, residing in the town of Nur, appeared in the presence of the witnesses Jews Bencyan Kepa, age twenty seven, a tailor, and Jankiel Danenberg, age forty, a day laborer, both residing in the town of Nur, and showed us a female child, born in the town of Nur on the fourth/sixteenth of the current month and year at twelve o’clock at noon from his w ife Sora, age twenty six, to whom at the religious ceremony was given the name Szejna.  Th is document was read aloud and comprehensibly to those who appeared, and signed only by the holder of the Vital Record Register, whereas the others in the mentioned document testified that they cannot write.


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