1857 Birth Of Dworja Tachna

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This happened in Mlawa the first day of thirteen July, eighteen hundred and fifty seven at ten o’clock in the morning.  It was presented to me from the Jew Ickiem Jakub [Yitzhak Yakov son of Yehuda Ha-Levy] Tachna, age twenty seven, living in Mlawa in company of witnesses Levin Szmulowicz Landau, age sixty nine, and Abram Bajlowixz, age forty five, both teachers living in Mlawa.  They show us a child, female, born here in Mlawa on twenty five June, eighteen hundred and fifty seven from the wife Chany Rifki [Channah Rivke daughter of Moshe Tzvi] Cytryn, age twenty four years.  The child was named according to the Jewish religion Dworja [Devorah daughter of Yitzhak Yakov Ha-Levy].  The act was written, read to everyone, and signed.

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