1858 Birth of Gitla Kur

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It took place in the city of Nur, on May sixth/May eighteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty eight, at one o’clock in the afternoon.  Sana Chunowicz Kur, a Jew, age years old, a shoemaker, have appeared with Jankiel Ickowicz Danenberg, a Jew, age fifty eight years old, and Jankiel Lejbowicz Pieprz, age sixty eight years old, both laborers from Nur. He showed us a baby girl testifying that she born in the city of Nur, on April the thirteenth/April the twenty fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty eight, at noon, to his wife Fejga Abramowna, age twenty eight years old.  During the ceremony the baby was named Gitla. This document was read loudly to testifiers and signed by a clerk because all testifiers are illiterate.

 Jakob Papieski, a clerk of the registry office


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