1862 Birth Of Zysla Dworja (nee Kohn) Tachna

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It took place in Warszawa on July the eleventh (July the twenty third), eighteen hundred and sixty two, at eleven o’clock in the morning.  In front of Us, Clerk of the Civil Registry Office, Non-Catholic District IV appeared Mordka Wałach, Jewish, scribe, age thirty four years old, residing in Warszawa at number 1435, deputizing for the father of the child, a peddler, in the presence of Szmul Mendelsohn from the local synagogue, *age thirty seven years old, residing in Warszawa at number 1509, and Lewek Langman, scribe, thirty years old, residing in Warszawa at number 1092.  He showed us a baby girl testifying that the child was born on March the fifteenth (March the twenty seventh), this year, at eight o’clock in the morining, at number 1102, to legally married couple, Michał Kohn, Jewish, peddler, age thirty two years old, and Cypra Ruchla née Blaer, age forty two years old, both currently living at the same number.  The child was named Zysla.  Registration was delayed due to child’s weakness.  This document was read and then signed by us all.

 *[correction: 37 years old]

 S. Porzycki – Civil Registrar

M. Wałłach

S. Mendelsohn


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