1863 Birth Of Lejzer Kon

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It took place in Mława on February the twenty fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty three, at ten o’clock in the morning.  Dawid Kun1, age twenty two years old, residing in Mława with the family, appeared with Zelman Niborski, age fifty years old, and Abram Bajlowicz, age forty four years old, both residing in Mława.  He showed us a baby boy, testifying that the child was born here, in Mława, on January the fifteenth, this year, at four o’clock in the morning to his wife, Hana Ryfka née Malowańczyk, age twenty two years old.  The child was named Lejzer.  Registering child’s birth was delayed due to the absence of child’s father. This document was read and signed by the father and witnesses.

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