1866 Death Of Mosiek Mendel Kur

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It took place in the town of Nur, on March the twenty fifth (April the sixth), eighteen hundred and sixty six, at four o’clock in the afternoon. A Jew named Sana Chunowicz Kur, age forty years old, and Boruch Abramowicz Tachna, age forty two years old, both shoemakers residing in the town of Nur, have appeared testifying that Mosiek Mendel Kur, age four years old, passed away yesterday in the town of Nur, at three o’clock in the afternoon.  He was born in the town of Nur to Sana Kur and Sosia née Tachna and lived there with his parents.  We have confirmed death of Mosiek Mendel Kur.  This document was read to the testifiers and signed by us only because both testifiers are illiterate.


Felix Rejchel, Clerk of the Civil Registry Office

Note:  This record appears to be an anomoly that does not point to the death of Moszko Mendel Kur, son of Sana Kur and Sosia Feyga Tachna, who was also born in 1861 but is recorded as marrying Frajdla Osowska in 1881.  It can never be known how a child with the same name born to the same parents and born in about the same year can be recorded as having died as a child when not only is his later marriage recorded but also recorded are births of a number of his children.


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