1877 Marriage Of Nutuh Nutkowicz & Dworja Dina Fajnkuchen

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It happened in the town of Chmielnik on the eleventh / twenty third of October, eighteen hundred and seventy seven. We declare that yesterday the Rabbi of the Synagogue in Chmielnik, Lejbus Epsztejn, in the presence of the witnesses, Hersz Mendel Pakol, fifty seven? years old, and Motel Kossowski, fifty eight years old, both of whom synagogue sextons residing in Chmielnik, performed the religious wedding between Nuta [Nutuh son of Aryeh] Nutkowicz (Nutkevitz), bachelor, twenty years old, son of Lejbus and Zlata Chana [Zlota Chanah daughter of Mordechai] née Sajdel, living with his parents in the settlement of Pierzchnica, and Dwojra [Devorah Dina daughter of Matisiyahu] Fajnkuchen, unmarried, twenty years old, daughter of Matys and Pesla née Koplewicz, living with her parents in the village of Celiny, municipality of Maleszowa. The wedding preceded three banns announced in the Synagogue of Chmielnik on the sabbatical days of the third / fifteenth, tenth / twenty second and seventeenth / twenty ninth of September of the current year. The fathers gave their verbal permission to the marriage. The newly married testified that they did not conclude any pre-marital contract.

 Nuta Nutkowicz                      (Signature in Hebrew)

Hersz Mendel Pakol               (Signature in Hebrew)

Motel Kossowski                    (Signature in Hebrew)

Rabbi  Lejbus Epsztein

Registrar  (signature illegible)

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