1880 Marriage Of Shimon Alter (Shimshon) Tachna & Zysla Dworja Kohn

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It happened in the town of Nowy Dwór on the thirtieth of October, eighteen hundred and eighty.  The rabbi of Nowy Dwór, Fajwel Barab, appeared together with the Jew Szimsie [Shimon Alter son of Yitzhak Yakov Ha-Levy] Tachna, bachelor, nineteen years old, son of Icek Jankiel [Yitzhak Yakov son of Yehuda Ha-Levy] and Chana Laja [Channah Leah daughter of Moshe Tzvi] née Cytryn married couple Tachna, residing in the town of Mlawa, and the Jewess Zysa [Tzippora daughter of Mikhael Ha-Cohen] Kon, unmarried, nineteen years old, daughter of Michel and Cypra Ruchla née Waser married couple Kon, living with her parents in the village of Nieporet*, in the local synagogal district, and in the presence of the witnesses, Eliasz Icek Sygalowicz, seventy six years old, and Lejb Junkier, fifty six years old, both of whom synagogue sextons in Nowy Dwór, and testified that yesterday at five o'clock in the evening was performed the religious wedding between the Jew Szimsie Tachna, bachelor, and the Jewess Zysa Kon, unmarried. The wedding preceded three banns that were announced in the local? and the Jewish Synagogue of Mlawa on the second, ninth and sixteenth of August of the current year and no obstruction against the wedding occurred. The parents of the newly married gave their verbal permission to this marriage and the newly married testified that they did not conclude any pre-marital contract.  Then this document was read to the newly married and the present witnesses and signed by Us, the rabbi and the witnesses, whereas the married couple and their parents testified that they cannot write. –

 Registrar and Mayor     illegible               E.J.Sigalowicz (in Polish)

Rabbi Fajwel Barab                Lejb Junkier (in Polish)

 *Nieporet (Nieporent) abt. 22 km E of Nowy Dwór


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