1890 Marriage Of Rubin Mordka Tachna & Chana Dwojra Kalman

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It happened in the settlement of Raciaz on the eighth / twentieth of January, eighteen hundred and ninety at ten o’clock in the morning. The rabbi of the Jewish District of Raciaz, Chaim Kaufman Oterman, appeared personally together with Rubin Mordka Tachna, bachelor, age twenty three, son of the living Arie and the deceased Szejwa née Rafal, residing with his father in the settlement of Raciaz, and Chana Dwojra Kalman, unmarried, age twenty four, daughter of the deceased Szlama and the living Ajdla née Zakrzew, residing with her mother in the settlement of Raciaz, and in the presence of the witnesses: Moszek Aron Markus, synagogue sexton, age seventy four and Lejzer Warszawski, trader, age thirty nine, both of whom residing in the settlement of Raciaz, and declared that yesterday before him was performed the religious wedding between Rubin Mordka Tachna and Chana Dwojra Kalman, that the wedding preceded three banns that were announced in the house of prayers in Raciaz on the sixteenth, twenty third and thirtieth of December of last year, that the here present parents of the newly married gave their verbal permission to this wedding and that no obstruction against this marriage occurred. The newly married declared that they did not conclude any pre-marital contract. This document was read aloud to the declarants and the witnesses and signed by us, the rabbi and the witnesses; the others are illiterate.

 The Holder of the Civil Records              


Rabbi Ch.K. Oterman

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