1895 Marriage Of Saloman Tachna & Bessie Olszewer

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It happened in the town of Przasnysz on the twenty eighth of August, eighteen hundred and ninety five at ten o'clock in the morning.  It was announced that yesterday in the presence of the witnesses Azriel Ladelski, fifty four years old, and Zelman Mlyn, sixty four years old, both of whom traders residing in the town of Przasnysz, was performed the religious wedding between Szlama [Shlomo son of Yitzhak Yakov Ha-Levy] Tachna, bachelor, twenty six years old, son of Icek Jankief [Yitzhak Yakov son of Yehudah Ha-Levy] and Chana Laja [Channah Leah daughter of Moshe Tzvi] née Cytyn, born and residing in the town of Mlawa, and Pessa Ryfka [Pesah Rivke daughter of Yisroel] Olszewer, unmarried, nineteen years old, daughter of Srul [Yisroael] and Rojza [Vered] née Imbir, born and residing in the town of Przasnysz. The wedding preceded three banns on the eighth, fifteenth and twenty second of July in the synagogue of Mlawa, and on the twenty ninth of July, fifth and twelfth of August of the current year in the synagogue of Przasnysz.  The here present parents of the newly married gave their verbal permission.  The newly married declared that they did not conclude any pre-marital contract. The religious wedding ceremony was performed by assistant rabbi, Abysz Armland.  This document was read and signed by us, the assistant rabbi and the witnesses.

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