1903 Marriage Of Bessie Tachna & Samuel Perlmutter

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It took place in the city of Mława on March the eleventh, nineteen hundred and three, at five o’clock in the evening.  The wedding ceremony took place in the presence of the following witnesses: Moszek Berg Zagon, age sixty two years old, and Zaruch Mławski, age fifty two years old, both yeshiva teachers, residing in the city of Mława. Szmul Perlmuter, bachelor, age twenty years old, son of Jankiel and Łaja née Białostocka, born and residing in Nasielsk, married Brana Dwojra Tachna, bachelorette, age twenty years old, daughter of Szymon and Zysla née Kon, born and residing in the city of Mława. Three banns of marriage have been announced in the synagogues in Mława and Nasielsk: on January the twenty fifth, on the first and eighth of February this year.    The newlyweds haven’t signed any prenuptial agreement. The couple was blessed by Rabbi Jechiel Mosze Saganowicz. This document was read and signed.

 Clerk of the Civil Registry Office in Mława

[Signatures of the testifiers]

Rabbi J. M. Saganowicz

Z. Mławski

M. Zagon



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