1922 Marriage Of Briensha Rywka Tachna & Aron Slepowicz

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It happened in Zaręby Kościelne on the sixth of March, nineteen hundred and twenty two at ten o’clock in the evening; we declare that today in the presence of the witnesses, Wolf Dnesa [?], sołtys[1], age fifty four, and Icek Bergman, age fifty six, both of whom house owners residing in Zaręby Kościelne, was performed the religious wedding between Aron Ślepowicz, bachelor, age twenty five, son of Hersz and Sura née Dyber, born and residing in Zaręby Kościelne, and Rywka Tachna, spinster, age twenty six, daughter of Abram and Fejga, born and residing in Komorowo. The wedding preceded three banns that were announced in the synagogue of Zaręby on the sabbatical days of the eighteenth, twenty-fifth of February and the fourth of March of the current year. The newly wedded declared that they did not conclude any pre-marital contract. The religious ceremony of this wedding was performed by Izrael Albek, rabbi of Zaręby Kościelne. After having read this document to those who appeared it was signed by Us, the Holder of the Civil Records, the rabbi and the witnesses.

 I. Albek                         [signature illegible]

W. Dnesa [?]

I. Bergman

[1] Sołtys – mayor of a small village


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