1834 Death Of Lejbka Tachna

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It happened in the village of Zaremby on the twenty first of December, eighteen hundred thirty four at eight o’clock in the morning.  The Jews Leybka Kamien, age fifty three, and Peysak Waygord, age sixty six, both of whom are synagogue sextons residing in the village of Zaremby, appeared and testified, that on the nineteenth of the current month at seven o’clock in the morning died Leybka [Aryey], one hour old, son of Abraam [Avraham] and Dweyra [Devorah] married couple Tachna, residing in the village of Zaremby and earning their living from the writing of the Jewish Commandments [Torah Scribes].  After having convinced myself with my own eyes of the death of Leybka, this document was read to those who appeared.  The witnesses cannot write.

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