1845 Marriage of Mos'ko Tachna & Golda Dwora Rzepa

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It happened in the town of Sokołow on the twenty-second of May, eighteen hundred and forty five at ten o'clock in the morning. The Jew Chaim Lejb Epsztejn, the local Rabbi, appeared together with the Jew Moszko Judkowicz Tachno, bachelor, age twenty one, living with his mother in the village of Zaręby Kościelne, son of Judko Abramowicz and Sura Dyna z Leybkow, of whom the father is deceased, and the Jewess Golda Dwora Nachmanowna Rzepa, unmarried, age eighteen, living with her parents in the town of Sokołow, daughter of Nachman Joskowicz and Sura z Joelowiczow, married couple Rzepa, both of whom living, and in the presence of the witnesses, the Jews Leybko Walagora, synagogue sexton, age seventy, and Srul Elster, synagogue servant, age fifty four, both of whom residing here in the town of Sokołow and also in the presence of Sura Dyna z Leybkow Tachno, mother of the bachelor, as well as Nachman Joskowicz Rzepa, father of the bride, and declared that yesterday before him was performed the religious wedding between Moszko Judkowicz Tachno, bachelor, and the Jewess Golda Dwora Nachmanowna Rzepa, unmarried; and that the parents of the newly married gave their verbal permission to this wedding and that it preceded three banns in the local synagogue and in that of Zaręby and that no obstruction against this marriage occurred. This document was read to those who appeared and the witnesses, and signed by the Rabbi, the witness Leybko Walagora and Us, whereas the others who appeared declared that they couldn't write.


Rabbi: Chaim Leyb Epszteyn Rabbi
Means Leybko Walagora [Hebrew signature]
Holder of the Civil Records: Kajetan

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