1860 Death Of Gitla Tachna

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It took place in the city of Nur, on March twenty ninth / April tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty, at ten o’clock in the morning.  Boruch Abramowicz Tachna, a Jew, father of a deceased, age thirty four years old, a shoemaker, and Jankiel Lejbowicz Pieprz, a Jew, age seventy years old, a shoemaker, both from Nur, have appeared testifying that Gitla Boruchowna Tachna, one year and three months old,  died on March twenty seventh / April eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty, at six o’clock in the morning., in the city of Nur.  She was a daughter of Boruch Abramowicz Tachna, a shoemaker, and Sóra née Kur, residing in the city of Nur. We have confirmed the death of Gitla Boruchowna Tachna.  This document was read to testifiers and signed by a clerk because both testifiers are illiterate.


Jan Papieski, a clerk of the registry office

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