1891 Marriage Of Ruchla Wielgolowski & Nuchim Pinkus Moskowicz

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It took place in the city of Mława on December thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety one, at three o’clock in the afternoon.  The wedding ceremony took place in the presence of the following witnesses: Abram Moszek Etinger, age sixty nine years old, and Szymek Watmacher, ager thirty eight years old, both yeshiva teachers residing in the city of Mława.  Nuchim Pinkus Moskowicz, bachelor, age twenty eight years old, son of Icek Leib [and] Dobra née Grodko, residing in Żuromin, Sierpc County, married Ruchla Wielgołaska, bachelorette, age twenty five years old, daughter of Jakob Moszek [and] the late Fajga née Grodko, residing in the city of Mława with her father.  Three banns of marriage have been announced in the synagogue in Mława: on the fourth, fourteenth, and twenty first of December; and in Żuromin on: the fourteenth, twenty first, and twenty eighth of December this year. The newlyweds haven’t signed any prenuptial agreement. The couple was blessed by Tobiasz Berek Tyberg. This document was read and signed.


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