1892 Marriage Of Esther Rivke Kur & Symko Zelko Rożaniec

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It took place in Nur, on August the seventeeth/August the twenty ninth, eighteen hundred and ninety two, at nine o’clock at night.  The wedding ceremony took place at eight o’clock at night, in the presence of the following witnesses: Julek Konopiaty, a landlord, age fifty two years old, and Joszek Lewin, an innkeeper, age twenty two years old, both residing in Nur.  Symko-Zelko Rożaniec, widower, son of the late Chaim-Szlomo Rożaniec and Styrka Rotenberg, an owner of a boat crossing in the village of Myślibory, born in Ciechanowiec, age forty five years old, a Jew, married Estera-Ryfka Kur, bachelorette, age twenty four years old, a Jew, daughter of Sana Kur and the late Sosia Tachna, born in Nur and residing there with her father, a miller.  Three banns of marriage have been announced in the synagogue in Nur, on Sabbath of August the first/August the thirteenth, August the eighth/August the twentieth and August the fifteenth/August twenty seventh, this year.  The newlyweds haven’t signed any prenuptial agreement.  The couple was blessed by rabbi of Nur, Izrael-Icek Fridman.  This document was read to the witnesses, groom and bride and signed. The bride is illiterate.

 Clerk of the civil registry office. Ołowski

Rabbi Izrael Icek Fridman

Szymko Zelko Rożaniec

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