1892 Birth Of Ben David Stein

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It happened in the town of Nur on the twelfth/twenty fourth of December eighteen hundred ninety two at ten o’clock in the morning.  The Jew Mendel Tachna age thirty one, shoemaker, residing in the town of Nur, appeared in the presence of the witnesses Julko Konopaty, age fifty two, house owner, and Berko Lewin, age thirty eight, inn keeper, both residing in the town of Nur, and showed us a child of the male gender born in the town of Nur on the fifth/seventeenth of December of the current year at seven o’clock in the morning from his wife Hana Sura maiden name Sztein, age thirty one, to whom at the circumcision was given the name Boruch Dawid.  This document was comprehensibly read to those who appeared and signed by the witnesses, whereas the father testified that he cannot write.

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