1854 Marriage Of Gitla Frimet Tachna & Hirsh Jablon

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It happened in the town of Mlawa on the tenth/twenty second day of January eighteen hundred and fifty four at eleven o'clock in the morning.  In the presence of the witness Lewin Szmuelowicz Landau, synagogue sexton, age sixty six, and Hersz Matys Szpiro, age sixty eight, stall-keeper, both residing in the town of Mlawa; on today's day a religious marriage was contracted between the Jew Hersz [Tzvi son of Avram Shlomo] Jablon, bachelor, age twenty five years, son of Abram Szlama [Avram Shlomo], living and Ruchle Wolk [Ruchel daughter of Ze'ev], no longer alive, a married couple residing in the town of Mlawa; and the virgin Frymet Gitle [Frumah Tova], age seventeen years, daughter of Wolk [Ze'ev Nutuh son of Yakov Ha-Levy] Tachna, still living and Wechna Ryfka Mortka [Ve'chanah Rivke daughter of Mordechai] (of the family Rypinski family) no longer living, residing in the town of Mlawa.  The marriage was preceded by three banns; first on the twenty fifth of December /  seventh of January; second on the second/fourteenth day of January; third on the ninth/twenty first day of January of the current year in the Mlawa synagogue.  The parents present and gave their verbal permission for the marriage.  Nobody opposed the marriage.  The newly married couple stated that they did not make any premarital agreement between themselves.  This document was read and signed by the witnesses present but not by the groom and parents who stated that they did not know how to write.

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